So, yesterday, like_a_fox and I hit the Value Village on Walker Rd.  We didn't get much time there, but I found two things.  I'm only posting one, because the other doesn't make sense yet.  It's sort of ridiculous at the moment.

Anyway, here you go!

I love them.  They were only 7.99!!!!

Any costume ideas for these?  Lady Bug?  Sexy nurse?  Devil?  Dorothy? 

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Hey guys, we have FOUR WHOLE MEMBERS now. 
I'm probably going to VV tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some stuff to show soon.
And hopefully I'll get a new camera soon, and a way to get pictures on the computer soon! 

FIRST POST/ Poppin da cherry

So, here we go. 

Pink sweater that you can't see very well, Value Village, 4.99

Zebra print black and grey t shirt, St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store, 1.99

Shrug-esque sweater, Value Village 1.99,
Jean skirt, Salvation Army Thrift Store a couple years ago, around 3.99 or something.  It was longer but I cut it shorter. 

There we go.  The first two pictures are taken with my phone because I can't put my pictures on my computer from my camera.  Sorry.